Small Business Entrepreneur

Small Business Entrepreneur

The UCO Small Business Entrepreneur programme is ideal for learners who are aiming to start their own small business, and run it efficiently and effectively.  Many people have the dream of working for themselves and being their own boss, and this, coupled with the fact that it is difficult to find a job these days, makes starting your own business a reality for more and more people.


This programme has been designed to give you an overview of an office environment, incorporating a general insight into the various business aspects such as Financial Management, Marketing, Human Resource management and Entrepreneurial Skills.  Upon completion of this programme you will be able to understand and apply the concepts of  business, produce documents and spreadsheets by making use of a computer, understand the fundamentals of financial management and analysis.


Who should attend this course?

This Skills Development Programme is intended for:

  • Learners aspiring to start their own small business in the future or to gain general knowledge of business and management.


Developmental Learning Pathway

This programme is designed as the second entry-level qualification for the National Certificate in End User Computing.

After completing this Skills Development Programme, learners might continue with any of the following programmes:

  • Human Resources Skills Development Programme.
  • Marketer Skills Development Programme.




› The total number of Credits for this Qualification is 115.

› This is equivalent to 1150 Notional hours that need to be spent on this Qualification.

› This includes contact time, structured learning, workplace learning and self study (1 credit = 10 notional hours).

› More but not less time can be spent on this Qualification.

› None.

› UCO is provisionally accredited by Umalusi, Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training.


› All unit standard based courses are quality assured by one of the following Seta’s: MICT SETA, ETDP SETA or SERVICES SETA.


› Unit standard based courses will be followed by a SAQA Aligned Unit Standard ID number.


″Learners must be aware that Universal College also offers a few Provider Programs that are not unit standard aligned. The courses are quality assured by the provider.”

Provider Programmes
Typing Instructor Deluxe Keyboard

Introduction to Windows Server 2003

Unit Standards

  • Concepts of Information & Comm Tech
  • MS Word Basic
  • MS Excel Basic
  • Written Communication
  • Expenditure against a budget
  • Plan a new venture
  • Functions of market mechanisms
  • Apply innovative thinking to the development of a small business
  • Understanding of an Entrepreneurial profile
  • Research the viability of new venture ideas/opportunities
  • Produce business plans for a new venture
  • Manage General Admin
  • Negotiate a deal in an authentic work situation
  • Plan and manage production in a new venture
  • Principles of pricing and costing
  • Finance a new venture
  • Manage finances of a new venture
  • HR level 1
  • HR level 2
  • HR level 3
  • Marketing SMMe’s
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