Executive Secretary / Personal Assistant (Tourism)

Executive Secretary / Personal Assistant


Executive Secretary/ PA (Tourism) Assistants perform a variety of clerical duties, including Top level administrative secretarial support to Executive Management, the functioning of an office, as well as offering Tourism support.


Tourism relates to all fields of business that applies to core skills such as customer care in order to promote tourism. These fields are airports, tour guides and travel agencies, Hotels and guest house accommodation, guest hosting and Eco tourism.


Who should attend this course?

This Skills Development Programme is intended for:

  • Individuals who would like to expand their career opportunities, by acquiring skills to fill an Executive Secretarial/Personal Assistant (Tourism) role in the workplace.


Future Possible Careers


  • Executive Secretaries (Tourism) generally advance by being promoted to other marketing administrative positions with more responsibilities, or become specialised and broaden their knowledge of a company’s operations and enhance their skills by studying for the Tourist  Information Officer Skills Development Programme.
  • Telesales, Telemarketing
  • Data capturing.


Developmental Learning Pathway

After successfully completing this Skills Development Programme, the learner might continue with any of the following programmes:


  • Tourism Information Officer Skills Development Programme.
  • Business Management Skills Development Programme.



› The total number of Credits for this Qualification is 84.

› This is equivalent to 840 Notional hours that need to be spent on this Qualification.

› This includes contact time, structured learning, workplace learning and self study (1 credit = 10 notional hours).

› More but not less time can be spent on this Qualification.

› None.

› UCO is provisionally accredited by Umalusi, Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training.


› All unit standard based courses are quality assured by one of the following Seta’s: MICT SETA, ETDP SETA or SERVICES SETA.


› Unit standard based courses will be followed by a SAQA Aligned Unit Standard ID number.


″Learners must be aware that Universal College also offers a few Provider Programs that are not unit standard aligned. The courses are quality assured by the provider.”

Provider Programmes
Typing Instructor Deluxe Keyboard

Introduction to Windows Server 2003

Typing Instructor Deluxe Speed Development

Unit Standards

  • Concepts of Information & Communication Techechnology
  • MS Word Basic
  • MS Word Intermediate
  • MS Word Advanced
  • MS Excel Basic
  • MS Excel Intermediate
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Access
  • Understand and Use Outlook
  • Understand and Use the Internet
  • Written Communication
  • Monitor and Control Reception area
  • Manage Workplace Relationships
  • Process incoming & outgoing telephone calls
  • Plan & Conduct Meetings
  • Manage Service Providers
  • Identify internal and external stakeholders
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