The days of manual calculations and stacks of files are gone.   Most businesses today make use of computer technology to perform these functions.  There are many software packages in the market today that will enhance and simplify the work of almost every employee in the business, from the receptionist sending and internal message to the secretary of the MD, to the MD using a database program to plan for the future of his company.  The Global Village is also starting to become a reality with E-mail and Internet making it possible to contact people across the globe.


Products can be bought and sold over the Internet and multinational companies can keep in contact with each other using the E-mail system. With Internet conferencing and the use of Web-cams increasing in popularity, it is also possible to hold a Board meeting with several members, being in different countries but still able to see each other.

 National Certificate: IT (Level 3) – EUC

Basic Information & Communication Technology

End User Computing 1

Advanced Information & Communication Technology

End User Computing 2

ICT & Software Foundations

End User Computing 3

Business Application

End User Computing 4

Data Management and Connectivity

End User Computing 5

Computer Clerk

End User Computing 6

Principals of ICT (Communication)

End User Computing 7

Office Foundations

End User Computing 8

Principals of ICT

End User Computing 9

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